Men Ought To Pray

Prayer – Luke 18:1
Prayer is one of the biggest gifts God ever  gave to mankind.The privilege to pray must not  be treated lightly as it has a unique way of bringing answers.
Jesus spent quality time in prayer and just before his crucifixion, he prayed till his sweat became like drops of blood. If Jesus who was God in the flesh prayed fervently and poured his heart to his father,  then we need to do same.
God by his grace has torn the veil that separated the holy of holiest then we have no reason to stay away from him.
The parable was about a widow who refused to give up.We all come to a Point in life when we are faced with a seemingly unsurmountable task.When we come face to face with destiny, let us remember that God will always have our backs.
The widow persisted till the judge gave in to her demand.As christians, we are dealing with a righteous judge who also happens to be our father so let us bear in mind that even though it tarries, it shall surely come to pass. – Bismark Somuah
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