More Than Enough

I have often heard people describe our God as a supplier of just needs and not wants.As much as I will not controvert this assertion, I will not completely accede either.
God told Abraham that he will bless him in order for him also to be a blessing.That surely means an over blessing and not just meeting of Abraham’s basic needs.In order to give, he must be given more than just a little.Abraham was blessed beyond measure and even had an army.
When Jesus fed the five thousand men, there was surplus.The God we serve demonstrate his love by giving to us and this is displayed by the abundance of oxygen and even water at our disposal.If he were to give us just a portion of the oxygen, we need we will suffer extinction.Of course his biggest gift is Jesus who is immeasurably greater than anything imaginable.
God will supply our needs not according to our needs but according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.Beloved, that simply means he will over supply our needs and wants and ensure that we have enough to help orphanages and other needy groups.
God has big things in store for you and his grace will take care of your spiritual needs.He has become your righteousness and that more than takes care of your spiritual bankruptcy. God is more than enough.- Elder Bismark Somuah

Men Ought To Pray

Prayer – Luke 18:1
Prayer is one of the biggest gifts God ever  gave to mankind.The privilege to pray must not  be treated lightly as it has a unique way of bringing answers.
Jesus spent quality time in prayer and just before his crucifixion, he prayed till his sweat became like drops of blood. If Jesus who was God in the flesh prayed fervently and poured his heart to his father,  then we need to do same.
God by his grace has torn the veil that separated the holy of holiest then we have no reason to stay away from him.
The parable was about a widow who refused to give up.We all come to a Point in life when we are faced with a seemingly unsurmountable task.When we come face to face with destiny, let us remember that God will always have our backs.
The widow persisted till the judge gave in to her demand.As christians, we are dealing with a righteous judge who also happens to be our father so let us bear in mind that even though it tarries, it shall surely come to pass. – Bismark Somuah
PIWC Columbus Ohio